As farewell (English)

I feel quite at ease
to share parting words like these
since your boat set out to sea
I’ve been lonely on my odyssey

Maybe there were good-byes, maybe my tongue was tied
Life is now cast in a different light
No regrets about the times we had
I won’t ever refuse to be sad

My pain, how long will it endure?
My soul, will it ever find its cure?
Even though our arguments were ten a penny
Our hearts will remain entwined like Clyde and Bonny

I see the constellation of stars at night
Harmony is what rules your world of delight
I wave at you in grace and lenity
While you explore a new galaxy

We’ll certainly meet again
When it happens, it won’t be in vain
Looking into each other’s eyes
Will make us sense our old ties

My sorrow is beyond compare
The times we had we’ll always share
Many questions still remain without answer –
Everlasting peace within I wish to conquer

May you feel snugged all your life
a gentle coat of peace to keep you from strife
Have trust in the warm candlelight
Heaven will always stay true by your side

Respect and esteem is what I feel for you
Unique and dignified is what you are too
for you, there will never be any substitute
The time we had produced a gem so absolute

However dull the world may appear
Because you’re no longer here
You would surely not find half relief
To see us all in grief

We know you’d be very gay
To see us all together here today
That’s why we’d like to chat, drink and laugh

  • just quite fine –
    This way we would make you shine

Our thoughts never fail to be with you
And however hard this is for us to bear
We wish you all the love and best
In your new lair

Gertrud Servo for her departed mother 2000

Gernot E. Mayer
Gernot E. Mayer

Ein Tropfen Liebe ist mehr als ein Ozean voll Wissen. (Blaise Pascal).

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